How Our Vaccine Injury Attorneys Can Help

If you've suffered a shoulder and/or arm injury following a vaccination, please contact us immediately for a free evaluation. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays reasonable attorneys' fees and costs separately from any compensation award. Therefore, as a Petitioner, you do not need to worry about any out of pocket expenses to prosecute your case. Our client-focused approach ensures that you'll get the attention you deserve!

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Check out some of our recoveries in shoulder/arm injury (SIRVA) cases:

  • $150,000 – Garcia v. Secretary of HHS
  • $115,000 – Thompson v. Secretary of HHS
  • $110,000 – Wagner v. Secretary of HHS
  • $110,000 – Risdall v. Secretary of HHS
  • $110,000 – Thompson v. Secretary of HHS
  • $105,000 – Thies v. Secretary of HHS
  • $95,000 – Cummins v. Secretary of HHS

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