Is your shoulder injury related to a vaccine?

Have you suffered serious shoulder complications associated with a vaccine administration? Known and common side effects include sharp shoulder pain, upper arm pain, swelling, as well as tenderness or lumps near the site of injection. If you have suffered with shoulder issues for more than six (6) months after your vaccination or procedure, then you may be eligible for financial compensation for your damages.

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HRSA Statistics for claims filed and compensated:

  • 36% of DTaP petitions have been compensated
  • 31% of DT petitions have been compensated
  • 31% of DTP petitions have been compensated
  • 28% of DTaP‑Hep B‑IPV petitions have been compensated
  • 57% of DTap‑HIB compensated
  • 52% of Td petitions have been compensated
  • 41% of Tdap petitions have been compensated
  • 37% of Tetanus petitions have been compensated

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