Were You or a Loved One Injured by a Vaccine? Our Firm Has Over a 90% Success Rate Of Recovering Damages for Our Clients

Were You Injured By a Vaccine?

Protecting Families Injured by Vaccines Across the Nation

You have the legal right to file a lawsuit or claim if you or your loved one were injured by a vaccine in a medical facility. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created in 1986 and is still used today to process and work through claims of defective and dangerous vaccines.

We understand that vaccine injuries can be very serious. They are also time sensitive. It is essential that you get started on your case right away. The best way to do this is to contact our office and schedule a free initial consultation. Our past clients have received money in over 90% of the cases we've handled.

We can help you recover damages for injuries suffered from vaccination—and we can do it all without charging you anything out of pocket. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program provides the funds to pay the legal fees for families who have suffered a vaccine‑related injury.

Shoulder Injury

Any vaccination can cause sharp shoulder pain, upper arm pain, permanent swelling and tenderness at the site of injection, lumps, nodule, injuries to the nerves at the site of injection, rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, and / or brachial neuritis. If any of these complications from a vaccine administration occur and last more than six (6) months after the vaccination or result in a surgical procedure, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

The most common and severe vaccine injuries include:

    Call a vaccine injury lawyer at our firm today to get more information or to schedule a free case evaluation. Our firm has over a 90% success rate!*

    Enlisting the Help of Medical and Scientific Experts

    Vaccine injury cases are complicated, and because they are dealt with in a program, the process is regulated. We want to be absolutely sure that you have a reasonable basis and good faith to file your claim. This is why we ask for assistance from pathologists and neurologists who can evaluate your claims and medical records.

    We hire immunologists, neurologists, orthopedics, dermatologists, life care planners, economists, psychologists, and other professionals to present the strongest case on your behalf. Our extended team of professionals can analyze your records and learn more about your symptoms to decipher whether or not your ailment was caused by a vaccine.

    Our firm only takes on cases that are covered under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This way, you can rest assured that your lawyers' fees will be covered by the program and you won't have to pay out of pocket.

      Types of Vaccine Injuries

      In the mainstream, vaccines are considered a safe and effective way to combat common, contagious diseases. Nevertheless, a small percentage of the population will develop serious adverse reactions to these vaccinations. Serious side effects from vaccinations are rare, but may include life‑threatening allergic reactions, neurological conditions, seizures, and even death. Some individuals suffer arm and / or shoulder injuries from vaccinations.

      Jeffrey S. Pop & Associates focuses on vaccine‑related injuries and deaths—ensuring that our clients get the legal help they need to get through an extremely difficult situation. No matter where in the country you live, we're here for you with a unique blend of client‑centered care and personalized, legal knowledge.

      Contact our vaccine injury law firm today if you need assistance with a vaccine injury claim. Our successful team provides customized representation in vaccine injury cases throughout the United States!

      *Success rate does not include the infrequent filing to protect statute of limitation time limit where cases are not completely investigated

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