Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

After you have suffered a rotator cuff tear, bursitis, or any shoulder pain starting within 48 hours of a vaccination, you should contact us. The expense of your medical bills, doctor visits, and physical therapy or rehabilitation should not fall on you.

Please consider speaking to one of our vaccine injury lawyers to discuss whether or not you have grounds for a claim. We can assist you in filing a claim with the United States Court of Federal Claims. You only have a certain period of time, so act promptly. There are no attorney fees or costs charged by our law firm in any Vaccine Injury Compensation case.

To set up a free consultation, fill out the confidential online contact form or give us a call now at 888.921.3995.

You may be compensated for the pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses, as well as other economic loss if a vaccination caused a shoulder injury resulting in (1) Bursitis, (2) Rotator Cuff Tears, (3) Impingement Syndrome, (4) Tendonitis, and (5) Adhesive Capsulitis.

For you to gain compensation, a case must be filed against the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. You do not have to sue your doctor or health care professional. A claim cannot be brought against any healthcare provider, nurse, doctor, or technician providing the vaccine administration. Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) cases are only compensated through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986.